Our Philosophy

We’re part of the new movement in wine marking. One that goes back millennia. Tread lightly. Pay respect. Follow nature. As such, we pay homage to the land and to our vines by using viticulture practises that maximise the true potential of the terroir.

At Denneboom Vineyards we focus on the creation of a biologically sound environment, with minimum intervention in the natural processes and have committed to being more sustainable and ecologically sound. We also take social responsibility very seriously and are therefore IPW and Wieta certified.


We don’t see ourselves as owners, but as custodians of the land. Our viticulture approach is one of minimum intervention. Pruning in winter and suckering in summer are done by hand in order to ensure balanced growth. All the vines are trellised and irrigated on a supplementary basis. The warm days and cool nights allow the vines to gradually colour and achieve optimum ripeness at a steady pace, just as nature intended. At harvest time we remove all unsuitable grapes, so that only the best grapes are left on the vines.

Our Grapes

We believe in the power of terroir and grow grapes that are a true expression of the varietal. Originally, our vineyards were exclusively for Cinsault, Riesling and Hanepoot grapes. But in 1996, we conducted extensive research and realised our soil and therefore the terroir were perfectly suited for new plantings. Over the next few decades, we’ve planted Shiraz, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre. Today, the vineyards also include Nouvelle, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc.

Most of our grapes are sold to Boland Wine Cellar where they are used to create award-winning wines.


Denneboom Wines

But we also keep some back, using a selection of the best grapes to make our own family label wine. Harvesting is done at the perfect moment, ensuring optimum ripeness for the specific wine that we are creating, and grapes are destalked and crushed by hand.

With such premium produce and care, we need to do very little. At the end of the process, the wine we’ve created has its own voice and its own character. It speaks for itself. And the awards speak for us.

Denneboom wines are sold through various boutique wine stores. If it is not available in your area, we will gladly courier it to you.

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